Persik Kediri, Ronaldinho and the Returned Trophy


Ronaldinho Trophy scorned by football fans. The champion Peach Kediri until he returned the championship trophy, as well as denied the ‘kung fu fight’!

It all started when Raffi Ahmad and Rudy Salim, the dignitaries RANS Nusantara FC inviting Ronaldinho to Indonesia on Friday (24/6) yesterday. Yes, Ronaldinho, the world football legend from Brazil, has finally come to Indonesia.

On Sunday (26/6) evening WIB, Ronaldinho appeared in the RANS Nusantara uniform. The former PSG, Barcelona and AC Milan player took part in Ronaldinho Trophy.

The football event, titled fun match, was attended by three teams. Apart from RANS Nusantara, there are Peach Kediri and Arema FC.

Unfortunately, the Trofeo Ronaldinho, which was supposed to be a fun match, turned into a serious match. The game took place at a fast tempo, each team seemed eager to become a champion.

As a result, Ronaldinho’s fans had to bite their fingers. Imagine Ronaldinho who is already 42 years old, must play at a fast tempo!

Ronaldinho was not able to display his shrewdness who is good at playing the round skin. 30 minutes and four touches, that’s what Ronaldinho recorded on the pitch.

Ronaldinho (center) (Photo: ANTARA FOTO/Rizal Hanafi)

Football fans sneer at the event Ronaldinho Trophy. As mentioned at the beginning of this article, the arena for playing games becomes serious, like El Clasico!

(Next page, ‘war of words’ between RANS Nusantara and Persik Kediri)

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