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People who stutter usually speak fluently when alone

Most people who stutter speak fluently when no one is listening. So they don’t always stutter. Most people who stutter already knew this about themselves. Now it is also scientifically proven. That reports Trouw.

Recent research from New York University confirms the so-called ‘talk-only effect’. According to the researchers, this is an astonishing result. However, it is still not clear what causes it. In an article in the Journal of Fluency Disorders people who stutter are reported to do so when in company. They speak fluently when alone, but as soon as there are people around who can hear them, blockages arise.

The participants hardly stuttered

The subjects had to take a test alone in one room. That test was aimed at getting the subjects to think aloud. The participants were filmed unknowingly. During these tests, the participants hardly stuttered.

Follow-up investigation must determine cause

Follow-up research should reveal the cause of this. Researchers suspect that stuttering has a psychological cause. In any case, there is strong evidence that stuttering is not just a speech problem. Stuttering likely has genetic, neurological, and social components.

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