people are looking for in the rubble-

Toxic cloud risk due to the burning of toxic waste on Monday evening in via Tiburtina, just before the ring road, for a fire that involved the abandoned building of the former penicillin factory, already cleared in 2018 and on some occasions occupied by without roof. Firefighters and police were at work from about 9 pm for a fairly large fire that involved a shed and which was then extinguished at 11 pm. At the moment there would be no injuries even if the rescuers proceed with caution because much of the complex is unsafe.

The citizens’ committees together with some exponents of Potere al Popolo, a party that supports the mayoral candidate Elisabetta Canitano together with the other candidate for the IV Municipio Carlo De Felici who only a few days ago said they had carried out an inspection of the facility urging the property to take action as it is unsafe. It is unclear whether anyone was in the complex on Monday, although it is considered unlikely that the fire could have started on its own. Hence the thorough checks of the firefighters and policemen to verify that no one has been stuck in the sheds. Eventually a Nigerian immigrant was taken to hospital for burns to his leg, it would not be serious. Investigations on some huts that have been built between asbestos structures to be eliminated, which however testify to the presence of other people who have not been found.

13 September 2021 | 23:22



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