PDRC ‘wrong for the nation’

-Mr. Pansuwan Na Kaew, defendant no. 5

-Mr. Prakobkit Inthong, Defendant No. 6

-Mr. Kittisak Prakti, Defendant No. 7

The prosecutor is the plaintiff, charging all seven defendants with the offenses of gathering together, rebellion, and conspiring to use violence to subvert or change the Constitution.

From the case, during the period 23 Nov. 2022 – 1 May 2014, the defendant and his group, who were the leaders of the PDRC group, gathered together.

Oppose the administration of the country and expel the “government of Ms. Yingluck Shinawatra” from her position, instigating and inciting the people to be rebellious.

and the court has considered A judgment was issued as follows:

The court considered the evidence of both parties who testified in the same manner and found that

The Constitutional Court has ruled that…

“Group gathering PDRC is not a change of government that causes division in the country.”

The behavior “is not an act of rebellion”

To “dismiss” all 7 defendants on charges of treason.

As for other charges The court ruled as follows:

-Mr. Nasser, defendant no. 1, committed a single crime. But it is against many laws. Give the harshest punishment

Charged with gathering of 10 or more people, imprisonment for 6 months with “suspension”

– Ms. Jitphat, the fourth defendant, was found guilty of inciting government officials to stop work. Imprisoned for 9 months and fined 40,000 baht.

– Mr. Uthai and Mr. Nitithorn, defendants 2-3, were imprisoned for a total of 5 counts, 5 years and 9 months each, and fined 2 hundred thousand baht each.

– Mr. Phansuwan and Mr. Prakobkij, defendants 5-6, were imprisoned for 4 years and 9 months each and fined 180,000 baht each.

– Mr. Kittisak, defendant no. 7, is an academic. Give honest opinions according to academic information

Therefore there is no fault. The judge dismissed the case.

And at the end of the judgment it reads:

“however When considered It is seen that the second defendant3, 4, 5, 6 have never been imprisoned before.

He committed a crime because….

“Want to express themselves to fight politically” because they see unfairness in the government

and “It was not a personal act.”

After the incident, he surrendered. Courageously enter the justice process. The prison sentence is to be “suspended” for 2 years.”

This is the decision of the “Court of First Instance”.

All 7 people received “suspended prison sentences” and will continue to appeal according to their rights.
This decision, in my opinion, “I like it – I’m ready.” Both state law both natural law

“Law” is the root of “Dhamma”.

Concerning social and religious conduct rules

Including traditions which is the duty that everyone in society must do

As in the current Constitution, in Section 4 regarding the duties of the Thai people, Section 50 states as follows:

Section 50. A person has the following duties:

(1) Protect and preserve the nation, religion, and monarchy. and democratic government with the King as Head of State

(2) defend the country Protect and maintain the honor and interests of the nation and the public property of the country.

including cooperation in preventing and mitigating disasters and (3) (4) (5) (6) (7) (8) (9) until

(10) Do not cooperate with or support any form of corruption and misconduct.

I have read this judgment and see that it is a judgment that has been reached together. “Rule of Law – Rule of Law”

That is, Thammasat, political science, economics, humanities, and social sciences are put together to become “Balance”.

Both in terms of royal power and grace is the anchor of “Civil society” that everyone accepts with pleasure

The key to solving all of these social “concerns” lies at the end of the judgment which states….

“He committed the crime because he wanted to express himself in a political fight. because they saw injustice in the government and is not an act for personal use

After the incident, he surrendered. Courageously enter the justice process. The prison sentence is to be “suspended” for 2 years.”

Already read…

In my feelings and thoughts, for people like me, it is known that I am “guilty” to the point of being “jailed or imprisoned” even though it is very painful.

But in one life….if it’s wrong

And that wrong is “wrong to protect right” for the nation’s society.

“Wrong for the nation” like this

and the court performs its duties as well “Rule of law – rule of law” like this

I’m ready, even if I’m not happy, I won’t complain.

Because I was born in this land of Thailand. As a low-ranking commoner I have never been able to repay my gratitude to the land of my birth.

If “for the nation” and you have to go to jail, why should you be sad?

Because that is the action that is called “Repaying the merit of the country” in my own way!

“The small PDRC” has served “all Thai people”

“Protect and preserve the nation, religion, and monarchy and democratic governance with the King as Head of State”

The court has seen and has said that……

“He committed the crime because he wanted to express himself in a political fight. because they saw injustice in the government and it was not an act for personal purposes.”

Just this makes me so happy!

Equal to “Thong Lang Phra” that all PDRC members helped to close. The court has seen it.

In order to eliminate “illegitimacy” in any government, what the congregation must understand is:

“Hell…if that time… PDRC refuses to fall And will heaven still exist with our Thai brothers and sisters today?”

It’s a mistake that the PDRC has in carrying out its duties. The court has already told you. “It was not a personal act.”

Today’s court orders can be cut and put in a “gold frame” to honor the family history of “PDRC fighters.”

that this is wrong, it is wrong “to fight politically because you see injustice in the government It is not an act of personal interest.”

Around the middle of next year “2024”

It is expected that the verdict from the Court of Appeals of the PDRC will likely come out.

Do you still remember? On February 2021

Suthep Thaugsuban, PDRC secretary-general and 39 people, the Court of First Instance has already given its verdict.

The prosecutor filed charges of conspiracy to commit treason, terrorism, instigating a strike, etc., making it appear through words or any other means, etc. causing unrest in the kingdom

Secret society, den of thieves, gathering of 10 or more people causing chaos in the country, trespassing at night, etc. and work together to obstruct the election

The court of first instance said As for the crimes of rebellion and terrorism gathering situation There was no use of force against any person. To overthrow changes to the constitution, legislature, and executive power.

Therefore, it is not an offense of rebellion or terrorism.

As for other charges, there were verdicts including imprisonment, acquittal, suspended sentences, and revocation of political rights.

punishable by imprisonment without parole and the Court of First Instance did not grant bail. sent to prison Waiting to go to the Court of Appeal for bail. At that time there were 8 people.

-Suthep Thaugsuban 5 years

-Natthaphon Thipsuwan 6 years 16 months

-Putthipong Punnakan, 7 years

– Thaworn Senniam 5 years

-Chumpol Chulasai 9 years 24 months

-Issara Somchai 7 years 16 months

– Lt. Samdin Lertbut, 4 years, 16 months

-Suwit Thongprasert (former Buddha Isara) 4 years 8 months

This is “wrong for the nation” of the PDRC “Big Flashing Lights”

I just “rerun” it so that society with a “short memory” can understand.

to hear the word “The PDRC small group” and then ask who the “big PDRC group” is so that we can understand.

“Chaithawat – Moving Forward” Do you see that the PDRC even performs its duties according to the constitution? In performing the duties, what was wrong?

“Wrong for the nation” right there, he was ready to accept.

What about the Three Fingers’ rude and harsh insults to the institution?

It is “wrong for the nation” like the PDRC.

Or is it wrong because it’s intentional? “Hate the nation – overthrow the institution” by ordering someone outside the country through a guy hiding under a child’s skirt?

Like this, “not beheading” is a merit and there will still be people coming to ask for amnesty…oh shit!

– Silver flame

2 December 2023

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