PDIP’s response to Andi Arief on Jokowi entering ‘Paralyzed Duck’ phase


POI Perjuangan (PDIP extension) responded to the statement by the president of the Democratic Party Bappilù Andi Arief which called President Joko Widodo (Jokowi) entering the “lame duck” stage. PDIP DPP chairman Said Abdullah threw a jab at Andi Arief.

Said initially alluded to Andi Arief, who belongs to the opposition political party (political party) of the Jokowi-Ma’ruf Amin government. According to him, whatever Jokowi did was wrong in Andi Arief’s eyes.

“It is certain that the name of the president meeting the volunteers will appear in various comments from various quarters. But what was said by Andi Arief, who positioned himself as an opponent so that whatever the president did was wrong in the eyes by Andi Arief,” Said said at the Parliament Complex, Senayan, Jakarta on Monday (11/28/2022).

Said stressed that Jokowi’s main job was not just interacting with his volunteers but building the nation. Said said Jokowi himself left his legacy as president.

“People forget that as president, the main job is not volunteering. Andi Arief forgets that the president’s main job is to build this nation in the future, and the amazing fact is that Mr. President’s legacy is extraordinary,” he said .

“Our president will always be remembered for what? People who travel from Jakarta to Surabaya through the toll road will definitely remember Jokowi. Sumatrans will always remember that the toll road was built in the era of Jokowi and cannot be forgotten” , he added.

Said wonder if Andi Arief he said Jokowi only entered the lame duck or lame duck stage because he met his volunteers. He suspects Andi’s mind is paralyzed.

“This is a legacy that the president cannot leave behind. If you only meet volunteers, suddenly you are called a lame duck, don’t think Andi is actually crippled,” said Said.

Andi Arief’s statement

Earlier, Andi Arief highlighted the Nusantara Bersatu volunteer event at GBK on Saturday (16/11) which was attended by President Joko Widodo (Jokowi). Andi Arief said such a mass deployment is a sign that Jokowi’s position is weakening in the eyes of political parties.

“Yes, Pak Jokowi’s mass mobilization yesterday showed that Jokowi was indeed in a weakened position in the eyes of the political parties,” Andi Arief said when contacted on Sunday (11/27).

Andi Arief said Jokowi is trying to strengthen his position again by organizing volunteer events. He also said that there must be logistics and resource involvement behind mass deployment. However, Andi Arief consider these ways normal in politics. He saw that Jokowi was entering the lame duck phase. For information, in political terms, a lame duck is usually a phase that occurs to a leader at the end of his term.

“But in general, Jokowi can be read as entering the lame duck phase, into ordinary politics, trying to strengthen himself in those ways,” he said.

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