PayPal changes the conditions from December 16 and introduces new fees

Many PayPal users received an email on Tuesday, September 29 announcing that the terms of service were changing. You can find a summary of the changes on a special page called Policy update. The full text is available at PDF souboru.

PayPal introduces several new features that may be more fundamental. It follows from the text. For example, a new obligation is introduced to have a telephone number listed in your account. Some new fees are also being changed or introduced – for example, the dispute fee is CZK 350 (under certain conditions even CZK 700), the fee for chargeback is CZK 400, etc. The rates for merchants are also canceled and Paypal will not offer them.

A new fee, called the Idle Fee, is also appearing. If your account has not been active for 12 consecutive months, it will cost you $ 300. So if you have PayPal set up “just for your uncle’s incident”, know that not using it can work out for you.

There are more changes, for details I recommend visiting the page Policy update. I also quote from the Policy Update page: “If you would like reject these changes and cancel your account, you can do so without any additional charges until 16 December 2020. “


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