Pay attention to yourself … The Minister of Health reveals new symptoms of Corona virus

The Minister of Health and Population, Dr. Hala Zayed, announced the current situation regarding the spread of the new Corona virus, in all governorates of the Republic and the world completely, because it is one of the matters that concern all citizens at the present time.

The Minister of Health reveals new details and symptoms of the Corona virus

Zayed confirmed that the occupancy rate for the family in the internal section has reached 20%, and the occupancy rate for the family for care has reached 47%, and the work for ventilators has reached 20%. 1/2 “male / female”, meaning that the mortality rate among males is higher than that of females, and this is consistent with global rates.

Dr. Hala Plus referred to the warnings specified by the World Health Organization because Corona is considered a dangerous virus and it attacks all body systems completely, and there are a large number of people who were infected with it suffering from some long-term effects as a result of this virus.

And that all countries of the world must do their utmost to support all who work in the health sector, and work to keep schools open and work to protect all groups that are greatly affected and provide them with economic protection.

The minister also confirmed that the relationship of climate changes to the number of infections with the Coronavirus, which is like a decrease in temperatures, as it does not directly affect the high number of cases, but this results in the accumulation of all citizens in closed places.

This is what results in a significant increase in the number of cases, and it has been stressed the need to follow all precautionary measures, which are among the things that help in limiting the spread of disease and increasing infections, and this matter is what must be noted by all countries of the world.

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