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Paulinho: “Reinier will surely do something great in Madrid”

Paulinho (Brazil; 19 years old) is one of Reinier’s (18) best friends in the world of soccer. Children in futsal match Vasco da Gama (He is his youngest scorer and the second earliest rookie, 16 years, 11 months and 28 days, behind Talles Magno and ahead of Coutinho) and they were found in the lower ones of Brazil, qualifying in early 2020 to the Under-23 for the Tokyo Games. The Bayer Leverkusen attacker maintains a close relationship with the ex from Flamengo and with another madridista with flamenguista past, Vinicius, with which he raised the South American Under-17 of 2017. And he talks about all this from Germany with AS.

How did you experience confinement?

In a more or less normal way. We knew it was a very complicated situation and that we had to collaborate by staying at home.

Then it was not hard.

It was not difficult because I am here with my family, with my father, my mother and a brother. But it is true that another part of the family is in Brazil and I miss them very much. That is the worst part of all this.

The Bundesliga returned, the first major league to do so. How are you feeling?

The feeling of coming back was very good. The pity is that we cannot play with fans, it is a bad thing for us. They are sorely missed.

They were afraid?

A little, but it is that people here have complied with the rules very well, and that reassures.

“Everyone wants to play in Spain”

There is a lot of talk about Havertz. How can you describe it to us, you who see it up close every day?

He is a very, very good, different player. And his data is there, he is the top scorer and one of the most assists. Always help the team.

One of the consequences of COVID-19 is that there will be no Games. How did the news feel to you, after qualifying for Tokyo in January and February?

Unfortunately we will not be able to play this year. We were very excited after qualifying in Colombia, but the pandemic has changed everything and, although it is a shame, we have to wait for next year. It is sad, but it is what it has to be.

At the Olympic Games he coincided with Reinier. When did you meet?

Long ago, when we were children. We played futsal in Vasco da Gama, only I was two years older. Then we met again in the selection. He is a boy with a lot of heart, I have a lot of affection for him.

How did you experience your transfer to Madrid?

We didn’t have much detail about the process, but it was something that was talked about a lot. When I found out, I was very happy because it is a very large and important club for the career of any player.

Do you think it will succeed?

Taking into account his ability, he will surely do something great, excellent, in Madrid. You can do it and I hope it with all my heart.

He is also a friend of Vinicius, with whom he won the South American U-17 in 2017. How do you see him now?

He is a very good player, with his special characteristics, and that is why he is in such a great club. He is playing very, very well.

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Vinicius and Paulinho, friends in Brazil.

You are still adapting to Germany, but would you like to come to Spain?

I have nothing safe in mind, all I really want is to win titles wherever I am. My plans are to achieve my goals. Spanish football is one of the best in the world, everyone wants to play there! It would be great, but I don’t know if it will happen tomorrow.

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