Paul Newman hated this film so much that he paid for an advertisement to apologize to the public so that no one would see it when it aired on television. It was a huge audience success.

Nobody doubts the enormous acting talent he had. Paul Newman, but that does not mean that all the performances he gave throughout his legendary career were good. In fact, he himself was very clear about what one of his worst jobs was, to the point that he even paid to put an ad in several newspapers asking people not to see it. It backfired, as it was a huge audience success.

“The worst movie of the 50s”

The movie Newman hated was ‘The Silver Goblet’, which coincidentally It was his first opportunity on the big screen after several years dedicated to theater and occasional appearances in television series. There he gave life to Basil, a slave who has to make a chalice that has as many faces of the twelve apostles as that of Jesus Christ.

‘The Silver Goblet’ failed at the box office when it hit theaters in 1954, but it was 12 years later, with Newman already converted into a big Hollywood star, when he gained unexpected notoriety. The reason was the actor’s decision to place the aforementioned advertisement, where, among other things, He apologized for his horrible performance.. This aroused the public’s curiosity, which translated into spectacularly high audience data, being the most watched of that week on North American television.

The Oscar-winning protagonist of ‘The Color of Money’ has not hidden his contempt for her on other occasions, as he went so far as to say that she was “the worst film produced during the 1950s“, being so shocked by it that He thought it was going to destroy his career.. Fortunately, his career took off just two years later thanks to the premiere of ‘Marked by Hate’.

Of course, the actor may have hated the film, but That did not prevent him from doing a special showing of the film at his house in the late 70s accompanied by some of his friends. Newman supposedly gave his guests metal pots and wooden spoons to bang on while they watched the movie and mentioned that the first few minutes weren’t bad, but then “horror took over everything“.

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