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Paul de Munnik thinks it is funny that he needed Thomas Acda for hit | NOW

Thomas Acda and Paul de Munnik formed a successful duo for years, until they decided to split up in 2015. Although they also achieved success independently of each other, a hit did not materialize. Now that they work together, it is suddenly there again.

De Munnik calls it in conversation with it AD funny that the two men turn out to need each other for a radio hit.

“Thomas and I haven’t had a big hit in the last five years. Well, until now, because When I see you again has already been streamed more than fourteen million times. We made that together with Maan and Typhoon, while composing I also saw them watching when Thomas and I had such an Acda and De Munnik moment. Like: something is happening here. “

The former duo consciously chose not to be included in the credits as Acda and De Munnik, and the names of Maan and Typhoon were placed in the credits between those of Acda and De Munnik. Yet De Munnik regularly does not hear his full name on the radio. “Not bad, I like to be mentioned in the same breath with Thomas. We are good friends, always visit each other. Whether we will ever really form a duo again? I’m not saying never, but there are no plans for it.”

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