Part catering in Noord-Holland Noord open on Saturday in protest, various municipalities allow action | Inland

The action is a response to the cabinet’s decision that, among other things, shops and hairdressers will open under conditions, but the catering industry must keep the door closed.

The restaurateurs, pub owners and other catering operators have previously indicated that you can properly comply with the existing corona rules in these matters. And that they are about to fall over if they are not allowed to open. It was initially reported on Friday that the promotion would be allowed in all sixteen municipalities, but after some catering operators indicated that they did not want to participate, this idea was withdrawn. It is unclear where which cases are now open.


The Hoorn mayor Jan Nieuwenburg confirms that he does allow the action of entrepreneurs in his municipality. “The cabinet has partly responded to our call to make more possible. At the same time, there is still little prospect for the catering industry, cultural institutions and recreational entrepreneurs, while experience shows that we can make good agreements with these sectors. I understand that this is a great disappointment to them and I want to give them the opportunity to make a statement. It has to stay with a signal. If the catering entrepreneurs also open on other days or outside the agreed times, warnings and sanctions will follow.

Catering operator Frank Wiese has several businesses in Hoorn. It also opens on Saturday. ,,Starting up the kitchen in all our affairs for one day is not possible, but I do want to open up as much as possible. It is also great for the public that they can walk around again and have something to eat and drink everywhere. It is a one-off for the time being, but we are happy that we are supported by the mayors.”

National trend

The catering industry in Schagen is joining the national trend to open this Saturday anyway. Restaurants and cafes in the city center open from noon to 8am.

The Haarlem catering industry opens its doors on Saturday from 12 noon to 5 PM. Mayor Jos Wienen has informed catering entrepreneurs via Whatsapp that they will only hand out warnings within this time frame. If the catering entrepreneurs also open on other days or outside these times, sanctions will follow.

Daily stock

There are also catering entrepreneurs who refrain from participating in the protest, such as Lonnie de Vries of the Wapen van Wogmeer in Hensbroek. “Opening one day is not really an option for us. It is almost impossible to buy stock for one day. Of course you can choose to offer a very limited range, but that goes completely against our sense of hospitality.”

Like a cafe in Hoorn, Het Wapen van Wogmeer cannot open for a while to sell some coffee to passers-by. “We are in the countryside. The costs do not outweigh the benefits. We are sick of it and are on our last reserves, but this is not the solution.” For now, she focuses on takeout. “It’s not in our nature to give up.”


The sixteen mayors of Noord-Holland Noord already appealed to the cabinet on Thursday to offer perspective and to make social life safe and regulated. They also called for sufficient financial support for entrepreneurs affected by the lockdown.


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