‘Park Jung-ah scores 24 points in a spectacular performance’ – Highway Corporation rallies with a win after 2 losses in the championship… The chase for victory commences.


Professional volleyball Korea Expressway Corporation defeated Heungkuk Life Insurance in the second round of the championship match.

After 2 losses and 1 win, the road construction started the chase.

This is reporter Lee Ji-eun on the sidewalk.


The Korea Expressway Corporation, driven to the edge of the cliff, launched a counterattack from the home.

The first set was lost to Heungkuk Life Insurance,

Newcomer Lee Ye-eun’s decisive serve ace in the second set changed the flow, and ace Park Jung-ah’s consecutive goals turned the game around.

In the 3rd set with a close match, Lee Ye-eun’s serve ace and Catbell’s performance continued, and the road construction laughed again this time.

The reverse electrode continued in the 4th set.

In a tie situation, he succeeded in scoring consecutively and won his first win.

Park Jung-ah scored 24 points and Catbell scored 21 points.

[박정아 / 한국도로공사 아웃사이드 히터 : 인천에서 흥국생명 팬분들 너무 많고 저희가 준비도 잘 못했고 그렇기 때문에 약간 기가 죽은 점도 있다고 생각했는데 많이 응원해 주시니까 그런 거가 더 힘이 됐던 것 같아요.]

[김종민 / 한국도로공사 감독 : (이예은 선수의) 기질, 담을 봤는데 보통 선수들하고 많이 다르고요. 그래서 PO 올라가고 챔프전 갈 때 서브를 무기로 쓸까 많이 고민을 했습니다.]

The team that lost the first and second games in the championship match has never won.

Heungkuk Life Insurance, who left only one win to the championship, and Korea Expressway Corporation aiming for a double electrode.

Game 4 to determine the champion will be held in Gimcheon on Tuesday evening after a day off.

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This is Jieun Lee from YTN.

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