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Paris: the former science teacher takes you for a walk

Do you want to go green without leaving the capital? Need to discover new things to escape your monotonous daily life in these times of health crisis? It is now possible with this new book proposed by the former professor of natural sciences Georges Feterman, 20 nature walks in Paris.

In his book, the current president of the ARBRES association invites you to change air and your routine for unusual walks in Paris, “marriages between nature and not too frequented corners”, according to the author. If you are fed up with always taking the same streets to always get to the same places, the walks offered by Georges Feterman are made for you: it’s the perfect opportunity to turn your routine upside down and rediscover Paris .

Discover the hidden places of Paris

The idea in this book is not simply to have you go to Parisian parks to stroke the lawn and hunt ants. “The challenge is precisely to go through the alleys, the hidden places of Paris to see what they conceal as surprises” explains Georges Feterman who defines himself as “a specialist in trees and in love with Paris”.

Another original dimension of this atypical guide: three walks are devoted to the little-known geology, the science which studies the earth’s crust. You will learn that the stones of Île Saint-Louis are full of fossils!

Finally, for those interested in Parisian fauna, know that a walk is also dedicated to the palmipeds of the Square des Batignolles in the 17th arrondissement.

available in bookstores from March 4.

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