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Paolo Fox’s Astrological Forecast for March 2024: What Do the Stars Say?

According to many sources, Paolo Fox is the most famous and appreciated, and certainly among the most read expert astrologers in Italy, born in our country, and who has also become symbolically followed and the fruit of great general interest. His self-taught training has gradually allowed the publication of actual books and columns related to forecasts, as in the case of the new month of March, which was examined by Paolo Fox’s general horoscope column.

It is a month traditionally very linked to changes, somewhat following the now imminent spring-type context.

According to Paolo Fox, what will the month of March 2024 hold for all 12 zodiac signs?

Paolo Fox’s forecast March 2024: what do the stars say?

  • Aries – Month characterized by a good ability to operate on the part of people who know Aries well. For its part, the sign will only be able to achieve results by collaborating.
  • Taurus – Positive period, certainly better than February for Taurus. There will be no immediate news for Taurus, but concrete well-being in the first two weeks, with unexpected peaks of happiness.
  • Gemini – Most of the time we will need to be very cautious in our judgments: for Gemini, March is a month of great change and some problems can be avoided simply by not exposing yourself.
  • Cancer – Although a little slowly, the ideas recently put into practice by Cancer will get underway, even if they will have to be “modified” at least to be much more realistic.
  • Leo – Period in love to be evaluated but generally positive. Only Leos who are sufficiently anchored to reality will be able to improve from a human point of view, even admitting their mistakes.
  • Virgo – At times he will be tired of excessive responsibilities: Virgo understands his own limits but in the recent past he has taken on issues that are not his own. March must be the month of taking the most care of yourself.
  • Libra – Empathy increasing, both positive and negative condition. He will have to progressively distance himself from people who are simply not compatible, but this does not necessarily mean abandoning them.
  • Scorpio – Work-wise it will be a month of transition where Scorpio will mostly have to take care of human relationships, without changing their professional plans too much.
  • Sagittarius – He will progressively more and more often want to make changes, to move on and feel really “different” than usual. The changes, however, will only be possible with a form of self-awareness… which is only possible in the central part of the month.
  • Capricorn – He won’t have control of his mood too often, but if Capricorn tries forcibly to maintain it, situations will not be positive, on the contrary.
  • Aquarius – A sign in great “turmoil” from a mental point of view, although not all the news relating to his personal life will actually be unexpected. Some will be able to reawaken long-dormant emotions.
  • Pisces – March is a period of enormous changes for Pisces. However, he will have to make an effort to be more consistent with himself.

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