Pandya insulted; Deepak Hooda leaves Baroda team Deepak Hooda, Krunal Pandya

As the Syed Mushtaq Ali Trophy kicks off today, marking the start of domestic cricket matches in India after the expansion of Baroda Kovid, the vice-captain Deepak Hooda left the team in a major setback for the Baroda team. The Hooda team disappeared from the camp with a statement that the behavior of captain Krunal Pandya was unbearable. Hooda left the team following a verbal dispute with Krunal Pandya. Hooda wrote a letter to the Baroda Cricket Association clarifying what happened next. Baroda, who are in Group B, will play their first match against Uttarakhand.

Twenty-five-year-old Deepak Hooda has already played 46 first-class matches and 123 Twenty20 matches for Baroda. In the letter, Hooda alleged that Krunal Pandya had insulted him during training ahead of the tournament at the Reliance Stadium in Vadodara. The Baroda Cricket Association sought a report from the team management on the incident.

‘I have been playing for the Baroda Cricket Association for the last 11 years. I have also been selected for the current Syed Mushtaq Ali Trophy squad. But now I am in deep despair, sadness and stress. For a few days now, team captain Krunal Pandya has been treating me rudely and using bad language. “This is an insult to my teammates in Baroda and the players of other teams who are training at the Reliance Stadium in Vadodara,” Hooda wrote in the letter.

‘With the permission of head coach Prabhakar, I was training in the nets today ahead of tomorrow’s match. Meanwhile, Krunal Pandya approached me and spoke to me in a very bad language. I was told that I was training with the permission of the head coach but to no avail. ‘Who is this coach? I am the captain. I will decide the affairs of the Baroda team, ”Krunal said. Later, he disrupted my training by showing gangsterism ‘- Hooda wrote in the letter.

‘He’s always trying to pull me down. He threatens me that I will see you play too long for Baroda. I have never seen such an unhealthy atmosphere in my cricket career. All this time I have been playing for teams under the Baroda Cricket Association. Moreover, he has been a regular presence in the IPL for the last seven years. I have a great record in my cricket career, ”Hooda said in the letter.

‘I’ve had the good fortune to play with legendary players and captains. But I have never seen someone behave as badly as Krunal Pandya. I am a person who has always valued the team. “I am afraid I will not be able to put out the best performance for the team in the current situation as the captain is constantly interrupting my preparations and harassing me,” Hooda said.

English Summary: Deepak Hooda leaves Baroda camp after spat with Krunal Pandya



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