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Pals in Palworld: Evolution, Breeding, and Fusion explained

Palworld takes references from games like Pokémon and Digimon, offering you the opportunity to “tame” creatures called Pals, which come from various habitats in Palpagos, the game’s virtual world. These Pals share not only a similar graphic stylebut also elemental powers, but do they also have the ability to evolve?

Can a Pal be evolved?

I’m sorry to tell you, that Pals do not follow the typical path of evolution like Pokémon, so as such, Pals they can’t evolve. Instead, you can raise new Pals that they will inherit their types and traits from their parents. This process is somewhat random, and your control is limited to deciding which Pals to pair. The rarer the Pals you match, the stronger the new Pal will be.

It’s important to note that raising a new Pal doesn’t mean losing the original Pals, so you can basically breed as many as you want without risking losing any.

Unlike Pokémon, which have a limit to their evolutions, Pals can be reproduced without restrictions. This allows for chain play, where two Pals create a new one, and the latter can be played to create another, and so on. In theory, you could create the definitive Pal when crossing the strongest, known as Fusion Palswhat they are unique and are generated through specific crossings.

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