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Pafbet LAT-EST: on Saturday at 5 pm the duel of the leaders “VEF Rīga” and BC “Ventspils” Elektrum OSC and Best4sport TV

Over the weekend, all six Latvian teams will play the regular Pafbet Latvian-Estonian league matches. On Saturday, October 17, at 5 pm, the participants of the biggest intrigue of the second decade of the 21st century will meet at Elektrum Olympic Center: “VEF Rīga” – BC “Ventspils” (Best4sport TV live broadcast). The game “Valmiera Glass VIA” – BC “Liepāja” (Pafbet LAT-EST YouTube) will start at 7 pm in Vidzeme Olympic Center. Sunday, October 18, at 17:30 “University of Latvia” – BC “Ogre”. Until December 6, teams will play only within their own country. Live statistics: https://www.estlatbl.com/lv. Participants urge viewers to unconditionally abide by the restrictions imposed by the pandemic.

Saturday at 5 pm “VEF Rīga” (3-0) – BC “Ventspils” (3-0): Best4sport TV

Latvian basketball traditional favorites 2020/2021. The season started in a different mood, but the first game is expected alongside – the traditional leader positions.

In the first games, the VEF Rīga unit has clearly marked the most characteristic features of the new model – aggressive basketball, compensating for the lack of centimeters in the height of the center players with speed and athleticism. In this style, the resistance of both “Ogre” and Liepāja and Valmiera teams was quickly broken. The most noticeable individuals were Americans Kails Allmans (on average 18.7 points) and Michael Kaisers (14.3), as well as Aigars Šķēle (14).

The three victories for the BC “Ventspils” team have been unconvincing (with the CC “Liepāja” 92:91, with the “University of Latvia” 95:89, with the “Ogri” 83:76), but the game has become more convincing with each passing time. trumps. Māris Gulbis has become the main character of the first week of the championship (on average 32 points and 7.3 rebounds), Artūrs Ausējs (14.7) stood out in the decisive moments in Liepāja and Ogre, Kristofers Kofijs (9+ 12.3 bounced). The reserve bench is short, but the game mode is quite gentle, giving the leaders time to regain strength.

Saturday at 7 pm “Valmiera Glass VIA” (1-2) – BC “Liepāja” (1-2): Pafbet LAT-EST Youtube

So far, both teams have won the only victories over the “University of Latvia” and sometimes lost champions. Judging by these results, the favorites of the game should be considered the people of Valmiera, for whom the success was more convincing (85:70; “Liepāja” 83:82)) and the loss – easier (90: 105; “Liepāja” 63: 104). However, the people of Liepaja were closer to the second victory – 91:92 against “Ventspils”; Vidzeme residents in their square against “Ogri” 67:86.

Edmunds Elksnis is again the leader of the Valmiera team (20.7 + 8.3 assists).

The center player Iļja Gromovs (16.3 + 7 atl.) Has convincingly started the season as a member of BC “Liepāja”, the effectiveness of which depends strongly on the support of partners. Last year, the captain of Liepāja Roberts Krastiņš successfully represented Valmiera.

Sunday at 5:30 p.m. “University of Latvia” (0-3) – BC “Ogre” (1-2): Pafbet LAT-EST Youtube

Students in two of the three lost matches were close to the first success (in Ventspils 89:95, against “Liepāja” 82:83), but at the end there is a lack of cold blood. Reinis Avotiņš (12.7 points on average) and Nikolajs Zotovs (12) were the most stable in the first matches.

Ogre’s performance in the first matches has confirmed that the pre-start caution of head coach Nikolai Mazur was justified: compared to last year’s successful season, the line-up has not changed much, but the team is already different. It was not possible to compete with “VEF Rīga” (63:81), a convincing victory was won in Valmiera (67:86), but in the principal duel with “Ventspils” a well-deserved loss was experienced in front of its spectators (76:83). In the fight with students, “Ogre” will be the favorite, but it will not be easy to prove its validity. So far, the most productive Jordan Lions (25 points) m but the most stable – Kaspars Bērziņš (13.3 + 9 atl.).


Six Estonian teams have also taken part in the fight – with the exception of “Kalev / Cramo” trained by Robert Štelmaher and Axel Vairog and represented by Jānis Kaufmanis, who are undergoing quarantine.

The Pärnu team has started with two victories in two games, among the leaders of which are Lauris Blaus (10.5; captain!) And Linards Jaunzems (12 + 9.5 atl.). One victory in two games was won by “AVIS Utilitas Rapla” (Robert Freimanis 11.5 + 9.5 atl.), With a loss started by “Juris Umbraško” “Rakvere Tarvas” (Kristaps Gludītis 11 points).

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