Over 7,000 infected with coronavirus per day in Bulgaria

The number of new cases of coronavirus increased as an absolute number but decreased as a percentage. 7034 are newly discovered infected for January 13, with an increase of 1331 on a daily basis, after 5703 cases were opened on Wednesday. 39,590 tests (PCR and antigenic) were performed, which is 9777 more than the reported 29,813 days earlier. Thus, the percentage of positive samples in practice decreases – from 19.12% to 17,76 on a table.

Thus, within three days, the limit of 7,000 infected per day was crossed twice. There were 7,062 cases on Tuesday – the highest number since the beginning of the epidemic in our country.

New cases of coronavirus in Bulgaria doubled as an absolute number on a weekly basis. The increase in the workload of …

For the day there are 28,634 antigen tests, 3803 are positive, ie. 13.28% positive samples. For comparison, in the previous report there were 20,351 antigen tests, of which 2646 were positive, ie. 13%. PCR tests are 10,956, of which 3231 are positive, ie. 29.49 percent. On Wednesday, this type of tests were 9462, and positive of them – 3057, ie. 32.3 percent.

Total confirmed cases of coronavirus in Bulgaria there are already 806,977. 3,160,057 PCRs and 4,695,618 antigen tests were performed (a total of 7,855,675), and the average percentage of positive samples since the beginning of the pandemic was 10.27 percent, an increase of 0.04% on a daily basis.

1177 from butthose infected during the last 24 hours are children, which makes 16.73% of all new cases. By age groups they are: 0-1 years – 39 cases, 2-5 years – 101 cases, 6-9 years 163 – cases, 10 – 14 years – 487 cases, 15 – 19 years – 387 cases.

The number of active cases is increasing to 142,472, which is 2879 more than in the previous report. There is also an increase in the number of hospitalized persons, as they are 5297, which is 40 more (552 were admitted to hospital, 512 were discharged). There are 579 patients admitted to intensive care units – without change on a daily basis. In the future the occupancy of intensive care beds will be one of the main criteria to tighten the measures in our country, and not, as before, the number of infected people or active cases.

4071 people have recovered and their total number is now 632 583. 84 people died – 7 more than on Wednesday, when there were 77 victims. Thus, the total number of those who lost the battle with the virus in Bulgaria is now 31,922.

Polish scientists have discovered a gene that they believe doubles the risk of severe COVID-19, Reuters reported. Researchers hope …

The Ministry of Health has already provided data on the proportion of those infected, hospitalized and deceased who have not been fully vaccinated. During the last 24 hours, 74.61 percent of those who tested positive were not immunized. 82.61% of those admitted to hospital were also unvaccinated. 95.24% of those who died during the day were not vaccinated. A total of 18,710 medical personnel are among the official cases of coronavirus, ie. by 88 more on a daily basis.

906.22 is the 14-day morbidity per 100,000 people compared to 856.8 in yesterday’s report. 534.6 is the 7-day incidence per 100,000 people compared to 512.78 in yesterday’s report. An average of 78 people have died in the last 7 days.

The single information portal also provides data on the doses of vaccines administered, and so far they are a total of 3,971,557. 1,958,189 people or 30.12 percent of Bulgarians have completed the immunization cycle. The significant difference in percentages compared to the reports before January 5 is due to preliminary census data in Bulgaria. According to them, it is currently about 6.5 million people. Until now, previous data were taken as a basis, according to which it was 6,907,500 people.

The number of vaccines also includes 478 235 of “Jansen” or 1644 per day, as it is administered in a single dose. For the last 24 hours there are 29,683 vaccines given. 475,257 people or 7.31 percent also received a booster dose, most of them – 122,838 in the capital.

Most cases were found again in Sofia – 2255, followed by Plovdiv and Blagoevgrad with 647. There is no district without new infections, and the least are in Kardzhali – 31.

Preliminary data suggest that people infected with Omicron may start transmitting it much earlier than previous versions ….


A total of 10,271,240 cases of coronavirus have already been confirmed in Turkey, with 75,564 new infected – 2,158 less than on Wednesday. 9,488,337 have recovered – 51,675 new ones. 84,278 people died, with 153 victims per day – 8 more. The new cases were found in 410,116 tests, which means that 18.42 percent of the samples were positive compared to 18.41% a day earlier.

Romania remains in second place in the Balkans in the number of cases – 1,875,887. Of these, 1,771,333 have recovered so far, with 6,158 new ones. The victims of the virus are a total of 59,150, and in the last day there were 36 deaths – 8 less. The new cases are 9785 – 1185 more than on Wednesday. They were detected in 63,714 PCR and antigen tests. This means that 15.35 percent of the samples are positive compared to 11.69% in the previous report.

Greece it is already the third most infected in the Balkans since surpassing Serbia. There were 20,409 cases of coronavirus per day – 3,836 less than on Wednesday. 95 people died after the infection – 17 more. Thus, there are a total of 1,612,869 cases of infection and 21,732 victims in the country. New cases were detected in 420,259 tests, which means that 4.85 percent of the samples were positive compared to 6.92% the day before. Greece also presents data on healed patients. So far, they are 1,219,225, with 29,931 new ones.

Boyan Rashev, one of the leading experts in environmental management in Bulgaria, commented on the notorious schedule of mortality in Bulgaria …

V Serbia there are officially 1,399,867 cases, which means that there are 13,753 new cases per day – 876 more than on Wednesday. 1,277,485 have recovered, with 950 new ones. 13,003 patients died, with 19 victims per day – 7 fewer. 33,163 tests were performed, which makes the infectivity of 41.47 percent compared to 38.79% in the previous report. The situation in our western neighbors escalated with protests in early July 2020, and at that time there were serious doubts as to whether official statistics were true, after Serbian President Alexander Vucic explained that there were 4,000 people with COVID-19 in Belgrade alone. in the hospitals that were overcrowded, and according to official statistics the active cases were a little over 3,000 when Vucic spoke, which does not mean the cases in the hospital! Now, according to official data, there are 2,340 people in hospital, and 96 of them are on respiratory treatment.

Croatia reached the number of 794,190 infected. Of these, 725,684 have recovered – 6,685 new ones. 13,006 died, with 23 new victims – 4 less than on Wednesday. 9,157 new cases were reported – 737 fewer, which were detected in 19,786 tests. Thus, the infectivity in the country is 46.28 percent compared to 46.44% in the previous report. There are 55,500 active cases, after only 7 active patients were at the highest limit of the infection.

Bosnia and Herzegovina reported 310,023 infected, with 2,590 new – 13 more than Wednesday. So far, the total number of victims is 13,722, and for the day they are 26 – 3 more. The data on the healed are again unchanged – 192,218 people.

We will break new records. The apocalypse is being postponed. This was said by the mathematician from BAS Prof. Nikolay Vitanov. According to him, what is happening …

V Northern Macedonia 239,920 were infected, with 1,859 new infected, 39 more than on Wednesday. A total of 217,305 people have recovered – 784 new ones. So far, 8070 patients have died or 8 per day – 1 more. The new cases were found in 6173 tests, which means that 30.11 percent of the samples were positive compared to 25.55% the day before.

V Albania the confirmed cases are already 226,598, with 2,029 new – 124 more than on Wednesday. 205,560 patients have recovered so far – 751 new ones. 3255 people died, with 2 victims per day – 4 less. The new cases were detected in 7378 tests, which means that the infectivity is 27.5 percent compared to 28.19% in the previous report.

Montenegro reported 198,857 infected, with 2,217 new infected – 272 more than on Wednesday. The victims so far have been 2,460 people or 3 per day – 1 less. 180,481 patients have recovered, with 2,917 new ones.

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