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Outrage over Lidl Checkout Error: Explaining the Viral TikTok Video


4,009.90 euros for twelve items and two deposits? The video of this Lidl checkout display is going viral. But an insider explains that the price is probably entirely intentional.

Berlin – Yes, a lot of things seem to be getting more expensive in the supermarkets. And sometimes consumers are amazed at the total amount that shows up at the checkout. But this is a bit much: a Lidl customer costs an incredible 4,009.90 euros for twelve items plus two 25 cent deposits. The corresponding video, which according to the information comes from Berlin-Hellersdorf, is going through the roof on TikTok: it was viewed around seven million times in the first five days. The customer triggered something. He asks: “Why is it so expensive?”

TikTok video: Lidl cash register wants more than 4,000 euros for a dozen items plus a deposit

It quickly becomes apparent that most of the items have nothing to do with the huge amount: the pumpkin seed rolls are 39 cents, the energy drink is 37 cents. The “culprits”, on the other hand, are small, sugary and otherwise quite high in calories: according to the cash register display, four quark balls cost a total of 4,000 euros. Enjoyment without regret? No way if you have to pay this horrendous amount.

Another TikTok user with a certain online fame was quickly made aware of the video: Under the name “The branch manager”, the man accompanies his work in a Lidl branch in Nettetal (North Rhine-Westphalia) and also reveals little-known savings tips such as the thing with the cut flowers. Now his expertise was needed. Which he is happy to provide in his own clip. “Branch manager, why do these quark balls cost 1,000 euros? I’ve probably been asked that a dozen times under this video,” he says there.

Lidl store manager explains the viral TikTok video

It’s easy for him to explain the mistake. Because of course the quark balls don’t really cost 1,000 euros. According to his explanation, baked goods at Lidl are recorded in the cash register with so-called PLU numbers, which are typed in by employees. PLU numbers are widespread in retail and are often used for fruit and vegetables or for six-packs of water. Numbers like 999 then stand for a specific item.

If these PLU numbers are changed, the amount of 1,000 euros will be deposited for the outdated ones, according to the Lidl branch manager. “And if the cashier then uses the old number at the front, it says 1,000 euros, which I’m sure no one will pay at the front, then I’m called to the front, then I cancel the item and tell the cashier: ‘Hey, that’s no longer 999 , but the 123, and the cashier knows the right number, remembers it again, and everything is okay.’” According to his account, the 1,000 euros for the quark balls are completely intentional and are intended to indicate a PLU number that is not can no longer be used.

Lidl checkout error makes users joke: “Quark balls from Elon Musk”

The most likely solution to the puzzle is now clear. Before that, it was nice for many to comment on the bizarre 4,009.90 euro display without knowing more. Also on the BlueSky network, where a screenshot landed without explanation. “Inflation is hitting us all hard” and “Quark balls… MADE OF PURE GOLD!!!!”, people write there.

Users are also competing in the original TikTok video. “Are the quark balls from Apple or what?”, “Are quark balls from Elon Musk” and “Lidl is worth it,” they laugh. By the way, the Lidl branch manager once tried to get an EVEN higher amount from the cash register – look how far he got. (lin)

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