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Out for InfluencerDB: Facebook denies access to data

Because Facebook is withdrawing the company’s access to the developer interface, InfluencerDB has to give up. Six years after it was founded, the company disappears from the market.

InfluencerDB, the influencer community management software and analysis platform, is closing its doors. The CEO Robert Levenhagen explains in a blog post that this is not a voluntary decision. According to Levenhagen, the closure comes because Facebook is banning the company from accessing the developer interface. So it is impossible to evaluate data on influencer campaigns.

This decision did not come easy and we did everything in our power to prevent it, but we need to accept the fact that Facebook has decided to not provide us with access to their Graph API which leaves us unable to pursue our vision of helping companies build a true Influencer Community with our software,

explained Levenhagen. Facebook had gradually restricted access to the data over the past few years. Now it has come to the point that no data can be accessed at all, which robs the InfluencerDB software of any basis. The product is to be completely withdrawn from the market at the end of March. Levenhagen apologizes in the blog post to all customers on whom this will have a negative impact. They want to contact everyone in the coming days and discuss the next steps.

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