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mailo responds with a product update in the

Public liability insurance on renewed setback for the

Gastronomy / Better protection for the delivery of meals

own production

Kln (ots) – The second wave of the corona pandemic is in full swing. The

social and economic effects are serious. The

Gastronomy hits the crisis repeatedly with the temporary closure

Paint particularly hard. The digital commercial insurer mailo is responding to this

an important revision in business liability insurance.

“Changing the business models of our current and potential customers

themselves. This is often done voluntarily. The current exceptional situation is forcing

however, many traders have to rethink drastically and in the short term. We see

it is our job to help think along. So we have the new one

Corona-related setback for one of our main target groups, the gastronomy,

took the opportunity to spontaneously update the product in the

Implement public liability insurance. A simple outside catering was

previously insured. We have significantly expanded this clause. So

are now also pure delivery services for meals from our own production,

Catering & Co. also insured. It is impressive how much effort and

Creativity gastronomy is going through the crisis. The delivery service is fr

many have become a new mainstay. And we wanted the new realities

counter with the right coverage, “says Armin Molla, one of three

Founding of mailo Versicherung AG.

The product solution from mailo has a modular structure and can be customized and

can be put together as required. In addition to a

Public liability insurance, the basic coverage for all businesses that

Working for and with people, mailo also offers other important ones

Cover modules. So operators can also oppose pure

Property damage, cyber damage and, of course, against damage

Secure inventory and supplies appropriately. When it comes to content insurance, mailo

three interesting combinations with the Basic, Medium and Premium packages

compiled. The premium package also offers coverage for

Company closure. A complete underinsurance waiver as well as the

optional protection against damage to refrigerated goods is only a small selection of the

numerous coverage components and highlights. “Our customers benefit thanks

Of course, the update guarantee also benefits from these improvements, without

having to become active myself, “says Molla.

Mailo also offers free differential coverage for up to

to 18 months. You can apply for insurance coverage today –

even if the current policy expires and mailo protection begins

far in the future. “With this special service we offer customers and

Broker partners the opportunity to get one early on without any time pressure

cost-effective protection and the currently very interesting conditions

to secure. There is also an upgrade to the current coverage free of charge, “summarizes

Molla together.

Company profile mailo Versicherung AG

Mailo Versicherung AG (https://mailo.ag/) is an insurance company for

Insurance company specializing in commercial risks. The commercial insurer

offers its own, tailored to various commercial target groups,

Public liability, property damage liability, content and

Cyber ​​insurance products.

The focus is on the self-employed, freelancers and small business owners. them

Mailo offers all the insurance solutions that they need to protect their customers

need professional existence. For this, mailo works in partnership

Insurance brokers, underwriters and platforms together. The

Mailo insurance solutions are available for selected commercial brokers and

Underwriters can also be developed as white label products.

Mailo Versicherung AG was founded in December 2017 and has been in business since February

2019 by the Federal Financial Supervisory Authority (BaFin) on

Business operations approved as an insurer in Germany. Stand behind mailo

in addition to the founders Armin Molla, Sten Nahrgang and Dr. Matthias Uebing too

strong reinsurers, partners and investors, including Munich Re and

Deutsche Rck, STS Ventures or Hevella Capital.

Press contact:

Armin Molla

mailo Versicherung AG

Riehler Str.1

50668 Kln

E-Mail: mailto: [email protected]

Telephone: +49 221 429 14 00

More information at http://www.mailo.ag

Further material: http://presseportal.de/pm/135793/4748033

OTS: mailo Versicherung AG


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