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Oscar & Mino have music in their blood

Foreign language skills? Check. Big voices and mega charisma? Check! The brothers Oscar and Mino caused excitement at the first round of the blind auditions. Take another look at their performance here.

In the clip: Oscar & Mino get a four-part buzzer!

All coaches wanted her on their team

14-year-old Oscar and 12-year-old Mino knocked everyone off their chairs at the Blind Auditions with their performance of the Spanish song “Qué Me Van A Hablar de Amor” by Cristian Castro. The reward: a four-way buzzer and enthusiastic reactions from the coaches at “The Voice Kids” 2021. Alvaro Soler was the first to turn around for her – and swore loudly in Spanish with enthusiasm. In the end all the red swivel chairs were facing them and they were free to choose a coach. But they decided on “Team Alvaro”.

At Oscar & Mino, music runs in the family

Music is an important part of the lives of the two brothers – or, as Oscar puts it charmingly: “There is music in our DNA.” Her parents come from Argentina and Paraguay, the father is a professional musician and the mother also has musical talent. No wonder the brothers can do the South American rhythms. At home in Hamburg the family makes a lot of Latin American music together, with dad on the harp, mom on the rattles, Oscar plays the guitar and Mino hits the keys.

You have big dreams

Your dream would be to fill entire stadiums as music stars one day. Speaking of the stadium: when the instruments are quiet, Oscar and Mino let their fingers fly over the buttons on their game console and play FIFA against each other. The boys could probably gamble all day long with the soccer simulation, if it weren’t for the music they love more than anything.

How far will Oscar and Mino get on “The Voice Kids” in 2021? You can always find out on Saturdays at 8:15 p.m. on SAT.1, on Joyn and in the livestream.

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