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Ornella Koktová Accuses Monika of Selling Photos of Children Behind Her Back

According to Ornella, the practices resorted to by Binias go far beyond the bounds of decency. Monika was supposed to get rich from photos of her daughter’s children, which she sold to the tabloids without permission. “Photos of children are sold here, my mother did it behind my back and I got nothing out of it, I just gave birth to it. Disgust,” hinted Ornella in the new show.

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The reaction came soon. “I probably won’t even comment on such literal disgust that Ornella let out of her mouth,” raged Binias after a direct question from eXtra editors. “How could I sell photos of children when I’ve never seen two of them? I only saw Quentín, whom I looked after and bought him clothes until he was 6 years old. All I did was sell the birth event to the tabloids. But it was with Ornella’s consent and I didn’t see anything at all from that amount. Ornella was still living with us at the time and the money was used for her needs and also for Quentin because Pepa Boiled he kept his hands off everything for a long time,” Monika insists.

“She only moved in with Pep when Quentin was about 6 months old. Until then, she lived with us and Pepa did not give a single crown. He didn’t give anything during pregnancy either. In the meantime, I made a room for Quentin,” she continued spitting fire. Finally, she added a telling postscript. “Let Ornella kiss her ass and wash her lying mouth with soap! I would tell her that! I would also add that if it weren’t for my person, not even a dog would bark at her!”

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