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Orlando Morais responds to criticism after daughter shows off mansions: ‘I’m rich’

Glória Pires and Orlando Morais. Credit: Reproduction

Singer Orlando Morais responded to criticism that his daughter, Antonia Morais, the result of his relationship with Glória Pires, received after publishing videos taking a “tour” of two family mansions on TikTok in October. On that occasion, Antonia showed properties in Angra dos Reis, in Rio de Janeiro, and in Brasília and was accused of “ostentatious and arrogant”.

The artist said that he owns several properties because he is passionate about architecture. “I observe the design, the architecture, the material used. And I started collecting, collecting. Today I have several [imóveis]”, he commented in an interview with Quem published this Tuesday, 28.

Orlando said he doesn’t mind that Antonia publishes videos of the family’s mansions. “It’s her right. She owns the house too, she’s my daughter. […] It’s not my way of being, but it’s her way and I have to respect it. It’s this generation’s way of being,” she said.

Regarding the criticism received by Antonia, the singer highlighted that he neither read nor is bothered by the comments, but evaluates them as “valid”. “People may not like it, they may like it. […] It’s my house. I built it, paid for it, worked. I’m rich and f***-**”, comments the artist, according to Quem, laughing.

Antonia Morais also responded to criticism

Antonia Morais, who is also a singer, had refuted the criticism she received for the videos on the 15th. “We really have a very good financial condition. It’s true that we are rich and the money was not stolen”, she stated in an interview with Folha de S Paulo at the time.

Antonia also argued that she didn’t care about the comments and her parents “worry from a very early age”. “People have to enjoy life a little more. They have to take things less seriously, you know? TikTok is a place of lightness and I think there’s nothing wrong with wanting to show off my home,” she said.

The artist’s first publication, which showed the mansion in Angra dos Reis, soon gained prominence. Today, the video has more than 570 thousand views. The posting of the residence in Brasília has 230 thousand.

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