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Orlando Bloom mourns the loss of a dog – and has a tattoo

Hollywood star Orlando Bloom has lost his dog. In memory of Mighty, he got a tattoo on his chest – and now presents his grief management on Instagram.

Photo series with 16 pictures

Orlando Bloom mourns the loss of his apparently deceased dog. “Mighty is on the other side now,” the Hollywood star writes on Instagram. After seven long days of searching for his missing dog, the Mightys collar was found. “I cried more often this week than I thought possible, which was very cathartic and healing,” explains the actor.

Bloom had “left nothing unturned”. Even two tracking dogs would not have found Mighty. At the same time, the 43-year-old is grateful to have “learned from my little Mighty man” the “true meaning of devotion” and “that love is infinite”.

Soulmate: Bloom and his dog

His dog was more than just a companion, the souls of the two were connected, according to Bloom. In the comments, his partner Katy Perry, with whom Bloom is expecting a child, supported the actor. “I love you,” wrote the singer.

The actor published two clips and several pictures for his lines, showing that he had his dog’s name tattooed on his chest. He also thanked his neighbors for allowing them to search their gardens for his dog. He also thanked “the angels” of “Dog Days Search & Rescue”, a charity that is dedicated to finding missing pets.

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