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Orelsan organizes a tournament of his video game “Civilization Fighter” during his next concerts

For his tour, the rapper developed a game, inspired by the legendary Street Fighter, that fans had been able to discover during his previous concerts, in particular at the Accor Arena in Paris.

It will now be possible to play on the console during an Orelsan concert. The Caen rapper announced on Twitter this Sunday that a tournament for his video game Civilization fighterit would be organized for his next concerts, from 25 October to 10 December.

Imagined by Orelsan for his tour Civilizationthis video game, inspired by the mythical fighting game street fighterit was introduced by the artist during the first part of his tour through France.

In the middle of the show, the latter brought two candidates, randomly selected by the audience, to the stage, who challenged each other live on the game, then the winner walked away with the goodies of the tour.

But this time the tournament is open to everyone. As specified the conditions of participationthe contest is accessible after registration to spectators who already have a ticket for the concert in question, but also to external fans, who will be able to play Civilization fighter in some Fnacs partners or during Paris Games Week at the ROG booth.

A nod to its beginnings

As visual artist Quentin Deronzier, set designer on the Orelsan tour, explained to BFMTV.com last March, the video game Civilization fighter was developed by the rapper as a nod to his first concert, held at the Boule Noire – a Parisian venue with 120 seats – on December 17, 2008.

During this show, Orelsan turned on an old cathode ray television placed in the furniture, grabbed the controllers, and then invited the people in the audience on stage to compete on the video game. Street fighter.

A highlight of the artist’s career that is particularly highlighted in the first season of the documentary never show it to anyonedirected by his brother, Clément Cotentin.

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