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Orbán expects the war to conclude Western supremacy

War in Ukraine it will stop the supremacy of the West. This was mentioned by the Hungarian Primary Minister Viktor Orbán to the German publication Tichys Einblick.

In accordance to him, following the finish of the war, the European Union (EU) will be weaker than prior to, whilst other countries and regions will obtain.

First, the West cannot win the war in Ukraine by military means second, the sanctions have in no way destabilized Russia thirdly, their harm to Europe is tremendous fourth, the world is not aligned driving the United States and Ukraine, Orbán said.

In his words and phrases, much of the world does not support the West – nations these as China, India, Brazil, South Africa, Arab world, Africa. It could be that this specific war will evidently conclude Western supremacy.

Viktor Orbán expects a new gas deal with Russia for the summer months

This would warranty use in the wintertime

Whoever has their very own vitality resources wins. EU imports from Russia fell by a quarter, although Gazprom’s revenues doubled. The Chinese gain, first at the mercy of the Arabs. Of program, major American businesses are profitable, supplied the dramatic boost in revenue of American strength companies, he mentioned.

We remind you that Orbán has been extensively criticized in Europe around the yrs.

The leaders of the European Union, of which Hungary is a member, stated they undermined democracy with measures that limited immigration and gave its govt handle about the media and NGOs.

Viktor Orban: With the sanctions against Russia, Europe has shot itself in the chest

Viktor Orban: With the sanctions against Russia, Europe has shot by itself in the upper body

Your nation is going through major economic issues

It also did not assist sanctions versus Russia and access to Russian fuel.

In late July, it announced that Hungary designs to indicator an agreement with Russia for extra gas provides of 700 million cubic meters by the end of the summertime.

Hungary is about 85% dependent on Russian fuel.

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