OpenAI CEO Sam Altman Calls for Long-Term AI Oversight, Urges Global Regulation Framework

OpenAI chief Sam Altman announced Monday that he opposes imposing severe restrictions immediately that would hinder the rapid development of AI technology, but stressed the need for institutional oversight in the long term.

Altman, whose company developed ChatGPT, the chatbot, told US lawmakers last month that government intervention is needed to regulate the sector and fend off risks from artificial intelligence.

In remarks at Tel Aviv University, Altman stressed Monday that his call for censorship does not target “today’s systems.” “I think it would be a mistake to set strict rules now or try to slow down amazing innovation,” he said.

He said he recognized the danger of “disorganized superintelligence”, saying it was “something we may have to contend with in the next decade, and it’s not a long time for the world’s institutions to adjust to something”.

He reiterated OpenAI’s proposal to form a “global organization” on “computer power and technology … that could have a framework for licensing models, reviewing their integrity, and suggesting tests to pass”.

“This would be a way of treating this as a very serious risk. We do the same for nuclear power, for example,” Altman said, referring to the International Atomic Energy Agency.

The American businessman’s visit to Israel is part of his global tour to meet leaders and influencers, as well as local talents, and learn about artificial intelligence applications.

The ChatGPT bot was introduced late last year and demonstrated the ability to easily create articles, poems, and conversations. The program’s huge success sparked a billion-dollar rush, but critics have warned that chatbots could flood the web with misinformation or AI-powered automation could harm entire industries.

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In a meeting with Israeli President Isaac Herzog Monday, Altman noted the “urgent need … to learn how to mitigate these huge risks.” “Everyone wants to know,” he said.

Meanwhile, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said Altman told him in a phone call that Israel “could become a major global player in the field” of artificial intelligence.

In a statement, Netanyahu said that his country, which already has a thriving high-tech industry, should “formulate a national policy” on artificial intelligence.

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