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Open the list of “top ten” candidates.

Starting at 17:00 or 17:00… Argentina “Blue White” will play Saudi Arabia, followed by 20:00 Denmark meet Tunisia, 23:00 “Django” Mexico meet Poland.

to end at 2am early on a new day, Wednesday November 23rd, French chicken brand players meet Australian kangaroo players as final pair

Considered one of the most memorable nights ever. because there will be a “top ten” level “favourite” team to show the pace of up to 3 teams together

Readers will recall a few days ago, the BBC news agency, the British media giant referred to supercomputer calculations … summarized the list of teams that have the greatest chances of becoming the 2022 world champions as follows.

1. Brazil (15.8%) 2. Argentina (12.6%) 3. France (12.2%) 4. Spain (9.1%) 5. England (8.7%) 6. Germany (7 .8%) 7. Netherlands (7.2%) 8. Portugal (5.8%), 9. Belgium (5.4%) and 10. Denmark (3.5%).

While Popular Sites A Las Vegas website that has a very high number of players participating in the activity (names reserved) reveals the names of the last 10 favorite teams, which appear to be almost the same.

The difference is that England are 4th favorites and Spain are 5th favourites, just alternating places.

So when we look at the schedule tonight Therefore it was found that there were 3 of the top ten teams competing as mentioned above.

Including Argentina “Two 2” who will face Saudi Arabia, followed by Denmark “Two 10” who will face Tunisia and France, “Two 3” who will face Kangaroos.

Don’t forget to follow along and also watch if all 3 of your favorite teams will be able to play for a reasonable price or not?

There is some bad news for France as fans are aware that Karim Benzema has a serious hip injury. he had to withdraw from the competition

It should definitely influence the brand’s chicken squad quite a bit.

Incidentally, for “Teng 1” or “Teng Ham”, who is a football player in the coffee city “Brazil”, the favorite of football fans around the world. (Especially Thai fans) will show their footsteps at 2am on Thursday November 24th with Serbia. I would like to announce this in advance.

Coffee City players have been world cup champions 5 times, most recently in 2002 in Japan.

Will he be able to win the 6th league at a reasonable price, ‘Teng Ham’ this time, or will he be ‘taken’ home as he is no longer sky high?

By December 18 we will surely know the answer!


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