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Open Air Status Blatt

Open Air Status Blatt

Open Air Kino Statusblatt

The open-air cinema status sheet provides information to the VdF member companies. We therefore ask all open-air organizers to fill out this status sheet. You can fill out and send the form directly on your PC. Your data will then be saved and forwarded to the VdF.
If there are several series of events with different venues, please fill out several forms. Please note that all information in the status sheet relates exclusively to the OpenAir / drive-in cinema events.
You will then receive the form with a digital stamp back from the VdF by email. This form is used for submission to the corresponding film dispatchers of the distribution companies.
Should you have any questions on the subject, Ms. Kölsch, Mr. Rackow and Ms. Siefert will be happy to answer them by phone or email.

This leads directly to the new online form.

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