Op1 substitute Natasja Gibbs was surprised about ‘brought up’ colleagues | TV

“We have made an appointment for six episodes. So yes, exciting. Sweaty hands. Then you really are under a magnifying glass, say,” says Gibbs. “I remember thinking, ‘What is everyone up to doing? It’s just television, isn’t it? I think people don’t like it when you say that.”

On her first broadcast, earlier this month, Gibbs, who normally The News BV on NPO Radio 1, quite nerves. “The first broadcast came to watch a manager, a coach, all editors. Then I thought: I think this is very important, so.”

Gibbs will form a duo with Erik Dijkstra this summer. According to her, the reactions in her environment are “all positive”. “But I don’t watch Twitter. My friend does that.”


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