Oneci goes into contact with people waiting for their identity card

From May 17 to 31, 2022, the National Civil Status and Identification Office (ONECI) will go to people waiting for their national identity card (Cni). This information was given on Monday, May 16, 2022, by the director general of Oneci, Ago Christian Kodia, during a press conference, at Plateau.

“We are going to the populations and we insist on saying that this operation will focus on people who are still waiting for their title”, he said concerning the operation called “Day of the reinforcement of the claims processing”.

ONECI deploys its system in public places

With regard to the city of Abidjan, Oneci has requested the sports hall, the Ficgayo space, all the large spaces, the town hall of Abobo and deployed its system in public places.

“We invite all people who, for one reason or another, who use our usual channels, but who have not yet had the satisfaction, to come to our various services which will be deployed to reassure themselves of the level of treatment of their request so that we can, together, find the solution that will allow us to give them a secure title,” said Dg.

The interior of the country is also affected by this operation. “We are going to go as far as possible. We are going to rely on the local identification committees that we have set up with the support of the sub-prefects”, underlined Ago Christian Kodia.

This is for Oneci to inform people who have made their request without having a notification or information concerning the status of their request to open these spaces so that these people can know exactly why their card is not produced and what are the solutions. Around 450,000 people are affected by this operation.

“It concerns around 450,000 people for whom we need to see them again”

“We have 450,000 who are in the system, for whom we are doing this operation. This concerns about 450,000 people for whom we need to see them again, either to take a photo, or to take their fingerprint, or so that they can specify their civil status center. There are people for whom we cannot produce the card because the stamp that was used is not the right stamp or the entry was not done well,” he said.

So many reasons that delay the production of the card. For these cases, Oneci needs to interact with the applicant. “And to facilitate interaction with the applicant, we decided to go to the citizen. We will be in front of their door to help them find a solution together so that we can produce their card for them, ”he assured.

According to him, 5 million people were kind enough to come to Oneci centers to enroll. 3.8 million cards were produced. “We have 280,000 applications that are in production. 470,000 requests are being processed, that is to say which are in front of a validation agent”, specified the speaker.

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