One day, 6 people in a row! Rayong shocked 7 cases of COVID, it is the first risk group

COVID: Rayong was shocked one day, six cases of COVID-infected were found, with the total number of new ripples in the province of seven, revealing that they were the first exposed.

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One case of new coronavirus cases was found in Rayong province on December 24, a 51-year-old woman who was diagnosed at Rayong Hospital. The woman, who lives in Muang District, Rayong Province, is in charge of a housing estate. There were a total of 16 people exposed at the risk, as previously reported

Last December 25, 2020, Dr. Chaiyasit Thepchatri, Director of Rayong Hospital, said today from the risk group examination associated with the first infected person, there were 6 new cases of infection. Including a new wave of infected people in Rayong Province: 7 infected

The symptoms of all 7 were not severe but were treated at Rayong Hospital. Today’s six patients were associated with all of the first patients.

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