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On the final day of” supernova ” its representatives will also be chosen for Eurovision in Estonia and Lithuania

This Saturday, 12. in February, the final of the Latvian Television (LTV) Song Contest “Supernova” will take place, where 66 will be presented for the opportunity to represent Latvia. ten participants will compete in the international Eurovision Song Contest in Turin. It is interesting that this evening the winners will be chosen in all the Baltic states – the finals will also be held in Estonia and Lithuania.

As a sign of the fact that the representatives of the Baltic states will be selected for Eurovision at the same time, guest artists from neighboring countries will perform in the final of the contest” Supernova“, participants of last year’s Eurovision Song Contest – pop rock band” The Roop ” from Lithuania (they won the high eighth place in the Netherlands last year) and singer Uku Suviste from Estonia (ranked 13th in the second semi-final. place).

“Supernova” final 12. February will be viewable from 21.05 LTV1 and REplay.lv on the air, but LTV7 will be able to watch live broadcast with sign translation.

Live coverage of the final “supernova unofficially” will be shown on the Youtube channel of LTV Youth Platform “16+” and on the public media portal LSM. Immediately after leaving the stage, the finalists of “Supernova” themselves will have the opportunity to get into the roles of “couch experts”, answer questions, comment on records in social networks, as well as perform various challenging tasks.

Also in the final of” supernova ” the results of the audience’s SMS and telephone votes will be counted together with the results of the jury vote. For your favorite from one phone number will be able to call and send text messages in unlimited numbers.

Performance sequence in the final of” Supernova 2022″:

  1. Raum – ” Plans”
  2. Linda Ruseniece – ” Pay My Own Bills”
  3. “Bermuda double” – ” BAD”
  4. Miks Galvanovskis – ” I’m Just a Sinner”
  5. “Bujan” – ” He, She, You & Me”
  6. Elina Gluzunova – ” I passed there”
  7. “Other Boys” – ” Eat Your Salad”
  8. “Inspo” – ” A Happy Place”
  9. “We love you” – ” Rich Itch”
  10. Aminata – ” I’m Letting You Go”

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