On Nelly’s birthday, get to know her real age and number of weddings

The great actress celebrates Nelly Her birthday today, where she was born on the third of January 1949, until she is now 71 years old and started her artistic career at a young age.

Nelly got married four times, the first of which was director Hossam El Din Mostafa, but the divorce took place because of the age difference, and his intense jealousy over her. “Nelly” relationship with the late director Hossam El Din Mostafa started, when he directed many of her films at the beginning of her artistic career, and he stood beside her a lot; She was amazed at him, and after he directed five films of her; he confessed his love, and she was also inspired by it, despite the age difference between them.

As for her second marriage, after her exit from the crisis of her separation from her first husband, she fell in love with the composer “Moody Imam”, but it did not take long and the experience failed like her first marriage, then she decided not to marry the artistic community.

Because of her marriage to Egyptian businessman Khaled Barakat, Nelly retired from the art, and traveled with him to London, and after only two years the divorce took place to return to her art. Nelly said at the time, that when she traveled with Barakat she wished to form a family and have children, but Her dream was not completed.

“Nelly” married for the fourth time a businessman and tourist expert “Adel Hosni” secretly, but they separated for the same reason why her marriages failed before, which is his desire to leave the art and retire.

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