Olivia Rodrigo ‘Breakout’ Acne due to Masks and Skincare, Here’s the Condition


Musician Olivia rodrigo says he had a ‘breakout’ pimple on the face because of masks and the use of skincare. He admitted, the daily use of masks to prevent infection with the Corona virus made him have to fight hard against acne. What’s the condition like?

“I have a case dermatitis worst, where I just cracked it around my mouth. It was terrible,” said the singer of the songs ‘Drivers License’ and ‘Deja Vu’, quoted from Aceshowbiz, Wednesday (11/24/2021).

“I think the condition is caused by wearing a lot mask and use a lot of products that irritate my skin.”

Olivia said the doctor had advised her to stop using all treatment products skin. As a result, to overcome his acne problem, he now uses a very simple skincare line.

“So my dermatologist said, ‘Okay, get all out of your skincare routine, just wash your face.’ That’s why my skincare and makeup routine is so simple. I think less with skin care,” says Olivia.

According to him, because of the mask, acne often appears in the chin and nose area. But responding to that, he did not expect to have perfect skin conditions. Most importantly, he continues to seek treatment.

One of them is the ancient Chinese method ‘Gua Sha’ which works to increase circulation in the facial area with flat stones. Olivia admitted that the method she had just tasted felt ‘relaxing’.

“I can not expect to have perfect skin all the time. My skin often breakouts in the chin area and on the nose,” he concluded.

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