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Old cars, if you make this modification to your car you will get a refund of 3500 €: hurry up

Not everyone knows that installing a component on old cars gives you a state incentive that is equivalent to 3,500 euros. Here’s how to do it.

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Very often we find ourselves in front of problems related to the circulation of cars and gods danni that cause on the environment and this sometimes leads the government to make very particular choices.

This is why we often hear about the circulation a alternate licence plates which provides for the limitation of means of transport individuals following the license plate number for reduce gas emissions especially on weekends and / or during the busiest periods.

Old cars: here’s how to get a € 3,500 incentive

This, however, brings some inconveniences, given that for many motorists the car is essential to reach certain places and many times these places are not covered by public transport and for this the car becomes a must.

But it must be said that the old models ofauto and especially those fueled by diesel gas cause many problems and is one of the most discussed environmental issues for which action is always being taken worldwide to try to limit this problem.

Auto: here is a state incentive for those who switch to electric
Chinese electric car

Not surprisingly, it is expected that within ten years, all diesel-powered cars will find themselves no longer able to use this fuel which, despite aids in long journeys, emits more CO2 than a normal petrol car.

Indeed, there is a collective that is moving around the world to raise awareness of this problem and to do so it targets the Suv deflating the vehicle’s wheels via the valve without causing other serious damage.

Once the gesture has been made, this collective leaves a note on the windshield wiper and explains the reason why it came to make that gesture by asking the driver not to get angry because it was done for a just cause.

Auto: here is a state incentive for those who switch to electric
Old cars can have a state bonus of 3500 euros if they are modified in one of their components – Motori.news

The speech of the pollution due to the emission of CO2 on the part of vehicles is a problem that does not only involve theItalia but much of the world and for this reason all governments are always looking for a way to limit the circulation of old polluting cars.

The state bonus

In addition to the limitation of certain city areas, electric columns have been installed in many cities that allow you to recharge your own electric transaction car which, however, has been much discussed.

The criticisms of this type of car are mainly due to the high costs of both the car and his maintenance and in addition to no presence of enough columns in various points of the cities.

These are almost always arranged either in central places or in places close to hypermarkets and this would cause discomfort in the mind of the motorist who instead chooses a auto a gas oa diesel.

Auto: here is a state incentive for those who switch to electric
The lack of charging stations for electric cars discourages the purchase of the vehicle – Motori.news

From the government, however, very positive news arrives for those who intend to change their car from gasoline to electric thanks to incentives set in motion by the state.

Thanks to the electric modernization that plans to transform its vehicle from petrol to become electric propulsion, for this passage the state has foreseen a “reimbursement” of about 3.500 euro.

This can be achieved by fitting an electric motor instead of a petrol or diesel one to run your car, but it is also true that this operation costs a lot of money.

For this reason, the state offers partial coverage of 60% of the cost of the operation that arrives up to 3,500 euros and this is precisely what is described in the decree of Ministry of Infrastructure.

Auto: here is a state incentive for those who switch to electric
Installing an electric motor can lead to a government incentive of 3,500 euros – Motori.news

According to this inter-ministerial decree which also sees the interference of Ministry of Economic Development the facility will involve not only classic vehicles but also minivans and vans.

However, you have to be careful about the expiration date. This bonus it can be requested by those who carry out a transformation by those who have already carried out it starting from November 10, 2021 and by those who intend to do so by December 31, 2022.

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