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Olcay: ‘Environment turned away from violence at our homes’

In the program Olcay enters into a conversation with victims and perpetrators of indoor aggression. The businesswoman was confronted with this at a young age, since Olcay’s father beat her mother. “I saw so much panic among victims of domestic violence. When I looked at them, they were so terribly anxious, so isolated, so afraid of life,” says the face of Net5. “I found that really embarrassing.”

She understands that there is often no intervention in the case of domestic violence. According to Olcay, many people want to ‘not interfere with someone else’s life’. But according to her that does not mean that you as a neighbor, acquaintance or vague friend can care about someone. Something she also wanted: “People also live in a terraced house, like we used to, and then you can really hear your neighbor screaming.”

Olcay: “A lot of people in my area turned away from the violence that took place at our home. I think that if my mother had a confidant, that would have made such a difference (…) If everything in your area is a hell, a very small sense of security is all the difference. “

Yet she is not always alert in her environment. “Once I know, I have a strong tendency to want to save the people, but I could pay attention even better,” she says during the interview.

Olcay & domestic violence can be seen on Net5 powered by LINDA from Wednesday 4 March.

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