Olaf Thommessen, See what we found

The former politician and ex-husband of Vendela Kirsebom has found happiness again.

In this case, you will find some of the most relevant Instagram photos from home and abroad right now.

Thommessen, who is the managing director of the interest organization SMB Norge, has joined forces with Silje Christine Augustson.

At least that confirms the couple on Facebook (not Instagram this time), where they behaved like boyfriends on Sunday.

Augustson is the founder, CEO and creative director of the Esperance Lifestyle clothing chain.

– I can confirm the relationship with Silje, but do not want to say anything more than that. I have no further comments to you, says Thommessen to Nettavisen.

Conditions and breaches

That was confirmed by Thommessen in November last year Dagbladet that he and his then girlfriend, Malin Sjoner, had gone their separate ways.

The ex-couple first appeared together in April earlier that year at the premiere of the TV series «Wisting».

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He already has two children with former supermodel Vendela Kirsebom, and the two divorced in 2007.

Since then, the business community has, among other things, been praised for going out Facebook and paid tribute to the engagement between Kirsebom and Petter Pilgaard.

– I wish them both all the best, he wrote in November last year.

Previously, Thommessen has been deputy leader of the Liberal Party, general secretary of Plan Norway and a member of Oslo City Council.


One who has not been lazy lately is the American media personalities and businesswoman Paris Hilton.

In her latest Instagram post, the former “the Simple Life” star is seen in a video where she protests against the closure of Provo Canyon School.

Hilton opened this summer about the past at the therapeutic boarding school, where she is said to have been subjected to both physical and mental abuse.

– When I was a teenager, I promised myself that one day I would be able to close Provo Canyon School and save all the children there. I am very proud that I have now gathered the courage to tell my story and live up to that promise, she starts the post with.

Thank you Damli

Saturday Tone Damli gave birth to her second child, a daughter, and in the days since, the artist has posted various drips on social media about the event.

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In her latest post, the Sogndal girl has uploaded a picture of herself in the middle of the birth. In the caption, she also admits that at one point it seemed impossible to get the process over.

Then came the unknown forces, the ones that are obviously there, but which one rarely needs to use. And I managed it !!!, she writes.

Then Damli sends a big thank you to the maternity ward at Bærum hospital – “A brilliant team that has taken care of us from the first second”.

Ung Perry |

Katy Perry has apparently not realized that “TBT” stands for “Throwback Thursday”.

On Sunday, she posted a look back at a much younger version of herself, sitting on a red sofa next to the Swedish music producer Max Martin.

– Alexa, play “When We Were Young”, Perry writes in the caption.

It has made several of the fans roar in the comments field, with answers like “OMG!” and “some of the most beautiful.”

The 35-year-old, who recently had a daughter Daisy Dove Bloom with her husband Orlando Bloom, is known for her many hairstyles and hair colors over the years.

Thus, the flashback from Perry’s younger days stands in stark contrast to the style the artist goes for now a days:

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