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- An online motorcycle taxi driver (ojol) at Tasikmalaya, West Java named Ade Alfian Ahmad | (47) became a discussion because of its honesty.

The events began when Ade received an order in the name of Taufik.

Ade came to Taufik’s house in Tawang District, Tasikmalaya.

Apparently, Ade was asked to take Taufik’s wife to the BJB Singaparna office, Tasikmalaya Regency.

Upon arrival at the location, Ade got a cash payment from Taufik’s wife.

After Ade left, he realized that his customers had paid non-cash.

That is, Ade received two payments from his services, namely in cash and non-cash.

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Confused, make a letter and return the money

Shutterstock Illustration of a letter

Ade feels restless and guilty for not being thorough.

He also decided to return to the home of Taufik, the consumer.

However, the driver’s speed did not find anyone on arrival at Taufik’s house.

“I tried to knock on the door of his house but there was no one and the neighbor said that he was at work there was no one at home,” said Ade.

He then wrote a letter of apology accompanied by extra payment money. The two items Ade tucked under the door of the house.

“There I was confused, because far I made a letter and wanted to return it to his house in Perum Casablanca, Tasikmalaya City. Because there was no one in the house I slipped a letter and more than Rp 35,000 under the door,” he said.

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Viral illustrationShutterstock Viral illustration

Consumers are amazed, upload Ade’s honesty to social media

A few moments later, Ade got a call from his office, Grab.

Apparently, the consumer had found a letter of Ade and extra money slipped under the door.

The consumer was amazed and uploaded Ade’s actions to social media.

Ade didn’t think what he was doing became a story and went viral.

“I was surprised, I was called because of my letter viral. I just intend to want to return more money, sir,” said Ade who works with the pink motorcycle.

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Ade Adfian (47), a Grab Motor ojol in Tasikmalaya City whose action was viral because returning the payment money was tucked under the door of his consumer when interviewed by reporters on Wednesday (07/08/2020).KOMPAS.COM/IRWAN NUGRAHA Ade Adfian (47), a Grab Motor ojol in Tasikmalaya City whose action was viral because returning the payment money was tucked under the door of his consumer when interviewed by reporters on Wednesday (07/08/2020).

On the one hand, Ade still feels sorry for not being thorough.

Ade’s regret even made him unable to shed tears when Grab contacted him.

City Lead Grab Priangan Timur, West Java Hirawan Wibisana said, Ade was a role model partner.

Ade is known to be an active partner of Grab since the end of 2019.

“Mr. Ade is a diligent person and said his colleagues always go to work to ojol after morning prayers every day. Just when I called, Mr. Ade thought we were fraudulent phones, many of them called in the name of a fraudulent Grab. That was Mr. Ade weeping when we asked that, even though Mr. Ade has been an inspiration because of his honesty, “Hirawan said, Wednesday (07/08/2020).

Ade cried again, feeling guilty about his negligence when meeting with Grab.

“After being called and meeting me in person, finally Mr. Ade was shocked because the letter of apology along with the Rp 35,000 in excess payment was received.posting by consumers. Just when I met I was crying again, because he claimed to have been negligent and did not carefully examine the payment method. In fact, we are calling for our direct gratitude, “he added.

Source: (Author: Contributor Tasikmalaya, Irwan Nugraha | Editor: Abba Gabrilin)


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