Ohh.. There are GOTO ESOP shares redeemed at IDR 2/unit on the tradable market

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – PT GoTo Gojek Tokopedia Tbk (GOTO) share price was hit again by ARB on the second day the stock was locked. Transactions on the trading market for GOTO shares were observed today as intense.

Trading data found that 57.3 million lots of traded market transactions appeared in GOTO shares priced at IDR 2/unit or IDR 11 billion.

Investigate a calibration, it turns out that the transaction is not a transaction in the usual trading market, but a transaction exercise dari Employee Stock Option Program (ESOP).

Previously, in the GOTO prospectus, it was stated that the Goto Peopleverse Fund will, after the end of the freeze period, distribute GOTO stock options to employees at a price between IDR 2/unit and IDR 202/unit.

This is why there are a lot of transactions in the trading market today in that price range because GOTO employees are excited to trade their stock options for stock.

The total transactions on the GOTO stock trading market today were observed to be very heavy, where 322 million shares were traded with a transaction value of Rp. 3.2 trillion.

At the start of trading the GOTO share price Of course immediately dropped by 6.38% to IDR 132/unit from its previous closing position of IDR 141/unit.

The transaction value of GOTO shares this afternoon was Rp. 24 billion, with a volume of 185 million shares. Meanwhile, the queue for selling at ARB price was recorded at 263 million lots or IDR 3.4 trillion.

The lock up or lock up of GOTO shares was officially opened yesterday, Thursday (1/12/2022). Before and after the block was opened, GOTO’s share price continued to be depressed.

It’s been 10 consecutive days that the GOTO title has always ended up in the red zone. The ARB correction this time took tech issuers that just went public last April to their lowest position (all-time low).

Disclaimer: This story is not intended to encourage readers to buy or sell the related stock. The investment decision is entirely yours and CNBC Indonesia is not liable for any loss or profit arising from such decision.

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