Official: Netflix makes Resident Evil series (trailer)

Foto: Resident Evil 7

Netflix unveils the first trailer for Resident Evil: Infinite Darkness, the upcoming series from the streaming giant. Spooky!

Netflix is ​​committed to the iconic horror franchise Resident Evil. We already knew there was one live-action film is about to arrive and also serial was already leaked. The latter will now get an official first trailer in which we get an idea of ​​the vibe of the show. After all, it won’t be a surprise anymore: Netflix ‘Resident Evil: Infinite Darkness is spooky!

Netflix Resident Evil: Infinite Darkness

Netflix has been going very hard on game adaptations recently, such as with The Witcher. Not very surprising, because gamers are good for a huge portion of the world‘s population. Likewise fans of the wildly popular horror franchise Resident Evil.

The last major Resident Evil, Biohazard (2017) was very well received and creator Capcom is gearing up for the 25th anniversary of the franchise. This will undoubtedly include a big game, but also a Netflix series called Infinite Darkness. It is a computer generated (CG) anime, or a CGI animation series. Incidentally, Capcom itself is also involved in this. Hopefully the show with Capcom’s ‘ok’ will at least be better than the dramatically bad Resident Evil movies.

Characters and plot

The first teaser reveals at first glance, perhaps little, but fans of the franchise can already enjoy. We see Claire Redfield and Leon Kennedy return to the show. The role of the franchise’s veterans is not yet clear.

So far the plot has also been shrouded in … infinite darkness. We see Claire Redfield enter a house where mysterious bottles of liquid lie on the floor. There is also someone who has apparently committed suicide. The trailer ends with a shot of Leon Kennedy saving someone from a zombie.

So, zombies, Redfield, Kennedy and spooky scenes star in Netflix’s Resident Evil: Infinite Darkness. Watch the entire teaser trailer below:

Netflix ‘Resident Evil: Infinite Darkness is due out sometime in 2021.

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