Official Jan. 1, in front of “Zico”, starting work at Kum Hong Anh Yalai

D-Day 1 Jan ’64 “Zico” is out of detention, starts the task of guiding the army of Hong Anh Yalai, ending 2 matches, warm up, Bo Namh Din 3 Jan.

“Coach Zico” Lieutenant Kietisak Sena Muang Head Team Coach Hong Anh Yalai is close to starting the official team. After 14 days of quarantine in accordance with the safety measures for spreading the COVID-19 virus on January 1, 2021, you may see the team’s form and meet with all the players. Before the third warm-up game in the Thien long cup, a pre-season tournament. Held in Binh Duang, about an hour from Ho Chi Minh City

Fanpage of Sport Hero Co., Ltd. continues to report on the progress of “Coach Zico” Kiatisak Sena Muang in Vietnam, with “Coach Zico” along with “Achan Boy”, Pandit Thongthong will travel to Sop with the Hong team. Anh Yalai immediately. Previously, “Coach Zico” had an online team meeting every day. And closely monitor the team’s training During the detention, which Hoang Anh Yalai has already entered the first game in this tournament. The result of the first match was lost to Binh Duang 0-3 by using a young footballer. There is no main character serving the Vietnam national team.

By “Coach Zico” Lieutenant Kietisak Sena Muang prepares to take on the team to supervise the army of Hoang Anh Yalai at the sidelines fully in 2 games ending the warm-up tournament to meet with Namhdin on the 3rd Jan. 64 at 6:00 p.m. and meets with Khan Hua on 5 Jan. 64 at 4.00 p.m.

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