Oculus Rift S is going out of production and Facebook is discontinuing VR headsets for PC – Gaming – News

I wouldn’t call it that. Many people are increasingly joining the VR hype, especially with the arrival of games like Half-Life Alyx and now the announcement of the Quest 2 for 349 euros, a good price to start with VR with the specs it has. .

This is also a logical next step for Oculus, because the Quest was in many ways better than the Rift S and many other VR sets, because you could use it both standalone and in combination with a PC. For this you could only buy a standalone VR headset, or one that had to be connected to your PC. Now you have the best of both worlds and you can choose whether you want to watch a movie or play a simple game, or full-on who wants to experience a gaming experience with a PC on your side. People in the VR community said that there was no longer any reason to buy the Rift, because with a Quest you could do practically everything the Rift could do, but also had the option of using it as a standalone headset. use. So that they stop the Rift and fully focus on the Quest is a logical next step.

I do want to emphasize that the Facebook integration and the various flaws of the Quest 2, as also mentioned in the Ars Technica review, make me much less enthusiastic about this VR headset. So the hype on this specific product has diminished a bit. But not the hype for VR in general.

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