objection あ り! The company sued the employees for playing games at work and fired them. The employees countered that “the company’s rotten computer can’t run at all” and won the lawsuit | 4Gamers

objection あ り! While court proceedings are a bit of a serious topic, there’s always interesting news to come out of any topic in the age of the internet, especially when it comes to video games. During the annual holiday last year, a short story about an employee being fired for “playing games at work” spread overseas, and it was widely echoed because netizens talked nonsense about “Call of Duty”.

Just last week, Daily Union Elections, a twitter page dedicated to promoting trade union and labor-related information, published a post, encouraging tweeters to share what they have encountered or heard about rehabilitating grievances or improper labor practices in the workplace (Unfair Labor Practice; ULP ), many tweeters also shared many stories.

However, the reply of Erik Strobl, who works for the labor union in Pennsylvania, unexpectedly spread to the gaming community, because he was talking about gamers.

According to Strobl’s sharing, a union member was dismissed and sued by the company for playing games on a computer at work, but Strobl proved the innocence of the person involved, because the computer graphics card used by the person at work couldn’t run what his supervisor said game, and that game was described by Strobl as a “super performance-hungry game.”

Strobl further explained at the bottom of the tweet that the person involved was not actually playing the game at all. He just watched the game introduction video online during his break, but was accused by the supervisor of installing a third-party program on the computer of a government agency.

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But it turns out that there is no such thing at all, and the client’s work computer can’t do it, because the “super performance game” seen by his supervisor can’t be installed at all, and the client wins the lawsuit.

This interesting reply quickly gained tens of thousands of likes from netizens, and at the same time, it also aroused the imagination of many netizens. What exactly is a “game that consumes too much resources”?some people say will it be“Dwarf Fortress”?others say yesThe Simsthere are too many games that consume performance, including poorly optimized games, such as “Warhammer 40,000: Kuroshio”, “Calisto Protocol”, “Spelled Lands”…

Although I don’t know what game it is, some Twitter friends have imagined the situation in the courtroom, which is very close to the vast number of “Decisive Moment” player groups in North America.

“He was playing that damn Call of Duty!”

“Gerald, the latest Call of Duty requires a minimum GTX 960 to run. Public office PCs are as slow as an artist after his 7th cup of coffee.”

The current era is different from the early agricultural society. Office workers who walk and jump in the urban jungle will be gamers (Gamers) after get off work for a long time. However, if you are just a “gamer” Anyone would be unhappy to be fired, but luckily justice was done.

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Get sued for being a player, do it as a player. That’s right, the player’s affairs are handled in the player’s way.

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