Nvidia is up to something on August 31 – News

The Ultimate Countdown. It is with these words that the manufacturer Nvidia has decided to keep graphics card aficionados in suspense, by changing several things on its communication channels. It could be the next generation of graphics cards.

21 days before the revelation? On Nvidia’s official account, a short video appeared today, with a countdown in the background:

Note that this year 2020 symbolizes the 21 years of GeForce 256, a figure used to illustrate the teasing made in Nvidia. We can indeed read on the banner of the Twitter account: “The Ultimate Countdown, 21 days, 21 years”. August 31 could therefore signal an announcement from the manufacturer. In any case, the many rumors revolving around NVIDIA mainly deal with the release of the RTX Serie 3000. Silence soon to be broken?

By Izokay, Writing jeuxvideo.com


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