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NSC Leader Omtzigt Refuses to Enter into Negotiations with PVV: A Different Approach to Cabinet Formation

By Edo van der Goot and Priscilla Slomp

Nov 29, 2023 at 5:46 PM Update: 5 minutes ago

Pieter Omtzigt (NSC) does not want to start negotiations with the PVV “at this time”. He said this on Wednesday after a conversation with scout Ronald Plasterk.

“We are not ready to start negotiations on a minority or majority cabinet,” Omtzigt said when asked whether he wanted to form the PVV.

“The PVV’s election manifesto contains positions that, in our opinion, are contrary to the Constitution,” Omtzigt writes in an extensive letter that he also gave to Plasterk on Wednesday.

“When taking up office, MPs and ministers swear allegiance to the Constitution and promise that they will guarantee the fundamental rights of all residents and the democratic constitutional state. We have consistently stated in recent months that we will not make any concessions to these principles. we have a hard border,” he writes further.

PVV leader Geert Wilders said before the elections that he wanted to put these points on hold. After his big victory, Wilders said that he wants to act reasonably and adhere to the constitution.

“You can adjust an election manifesto before the elections, but afterwards I find that difficult,” Omtzigt said in a brief explanation after his conversation with the scout.

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Omtzigt wants a different kind of formation

The NSC leader has proposed appointing an informant who will look “along the lines of content” at the major problems, such as good governance, migration and the housing shortage.

As far as Omtzigt is concerned, this does not have to happen with just a few parties. “It is important that all parties say what will happen next in this country.” It shouldn’t be about the who-with-who question now, he said.

Wilders has not yet responded to the news, but his preferred cabinet of PVV, NSC, VVD and BBB now seems further away than ever. VVD leader Dilan Yesilgöz had already indicated in her conversation with Plasterk earlier in the day that she only sees a tolerating role for her party in the Chamber.

Yesilgöz uses the argument that the VVD has lost ten seats. “We’re not plush stickers,” she said. Before the election results, the VVD leader announced that he did not want to join a cabinet in which Wilders is prime minister.

Yesilgöz does not really care how the VVD wants to support a right-wing minority cabinet. She probably no longer has to think about this now that Omtzigt has closed the door to the PVV.

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Omtzigt about PVV: ‘Not ready for negotiations’

2023-11-29 16:46:33

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