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Novak Djokovic and Rafael Nadal Travel Together to US for Tennis Tour

On the eve of the start of the tour of the United States whose main tournaments are the Masters 1000: Indian Wells and Miami, two of the best tennis players in history found themselves on the plane heading to the United States.

The two athletes who were on the aircraft traveling to California were Novak Djokovic, the current world No. 1, and Rafael Nadal, the top winner in the history of Roland Garros.

This year will be very special in the world of tennis because it could mark the Spaniard’s farewell to professional activity. He made history on the circuit, since he is the top winner of the Roland Garros and reached the top of the ranking, but he currently remains off the courts with the intention of improving his set-up for the exhibition this Sunday, March 3 against his compatriot, Carlos Alcaraz, in Las Vegas.

With less than 10 days until the duel with his compatriot, the Mallorcan wanted to arrive early and on the plane he met the Serbian, something totally unexpected for both of them.

After this situation, Novak decided to upload a post to his networks describing what happened: “Great company on the way to the US.”

This postcard has the two male tennis players with the most Grand Slam titles in history and if we add Roger Federer, the count of all the titles they have between the three of them is 66 major tournaments.

There was no shortage of responses to this publication from the best in the world. Among them the Argentine Federico Coria who put an emoji with a love face. While the man from La Plata, Tomás Martín Etcheverry, asked them “Is there room there?”

On the other hand, the musical artist, Martin Filipovski, described it as the “image of the year.” In addition, the ATP Tour account, which had been stolen by Novak, responded: “Do you have a spare ticket? “This is our dream travel duo.”

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