Not Natasha Wilona, ​​Celine Evangelista was shocked when she knew that a third person who created a broken household with Stefan William: Terrified – All Pages

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So far, covering the disgrace of Stefan William who ran away from his house, it turned out that Celine Evangelista had been left behind while in a big pregnant condition

GridStar.ID – Household Stefan William and Celine evangelista said to be cracked because of the third person.

Celine has even admitted that her marriage to Stefan is not going well.

The fortunes of both of them are often confused by fortune tellers.

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This time Denny Darko directly predicted Celine, as reported by the live broadcast of Trans TV Viral Coffee, Monday (05/04).

The media that Denny Darko uses to predict is in the form of cards.

“Many people say the card I took set, I want to make sure that this card is not set up, “said Denny Darko.

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Celine was asked to shuffle and take one card then burned at the end.

“Oh my gosh,” Celine reacted.

Denny said that the card indicated a third person.

“But all three people are men,” said Denny.

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Suddenly, Celine was shocked by the prediction and denied it a little.

Unexpectedly, Denny Darko said that the third person who made Celine jealous was a boy.

“It could be dead or for a while, Celine is jealous because of Stefan’s attention to this man,” said Denny Darko.

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Apparently, the man teased Stefan into forgetting Celine.

“Stefan cares about boys?” asked Celine.

“Like to play game online? “asked Denny.

“Yes,” said Celine.

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Apparently, Denny Darko said that his hobby of playing online games Stefan made Celine jealous.

And the male figure is a hero in an online game played by ex-girlfriend Natasha Wilona.

Denny Darko then gave suggestions to Celine and Stefan to improve their household.

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“So if I can say that there is actually still a way to return as long as they both want to, they have to be more mature, they have to understand more,” said Denny.



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Celine Evangelista is jealous

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