Not going to Turkey, Tunisia or the Dominican Republic this summer…

The Belgian tour operator Tui is canceling all package holidays to destinations outside Europe this summer. Spokeswoman Sarah Saucin confirms this to our editors. Popular destinations such as Turkey, Tunisia and the Dominican Republic are therefore canceled in July and August.

At the moment, non-essential travel outside the European Union is still discouraged. And according to Saucin, there is no improvement in sight for most distant destinations either. “Almost all non-European destinations are still colored red and will probably remain so for a while. Because we want to provide clarity to our customers, we have now chosen to cancel all package holidays to non-European destinations in July and August.”

Destinations withdrawn include Turkey, Tunisia, Mexico, Jamaica, the Dominican Republic, the Maldives and Miami (USA). Saucin couldn’t say how many travelers see their plans now going up in smoke. “The high season is coming. With this decision, we try to offer our customers other options in time. In fact, we always do it like this: three weeks before departure we review the situation at the destination. If it still turns red, we will cancel. If it turns green or orange, the journey can continue. This gives travelers three weeks to choose another destination.”

Discount expires

For customers who had booked before April, this also means that their early bird discount will be cancelled. “We have to respect our contract with the hotelier,” said Saucin. “Only if the traveler wants to keep the same trip, to the same hotel, but with departure at a later date, can things be reconsidered. Certainly if the traveler were to leave at the end of October, at the start of the winter season. In that case you have an early bird discount until the end of September. Unfortunately, the discount no longer applies in other cases.”

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